Learning Management System

eKadence is the newest learning management solution focused on academic, emotional, and personal development.  


While grades, assignments, and attendance are important to track, true development also encompasses creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and character. ​

Providing a complete 360 online learning environment

Full customization of Assignments, Assessments, Discussions, and activities. Group discussions, events, clubs, and organizations can all be managed in eKadence.
Standards & Skills
Academic performance can be measured through the lens of skills such as Creativity, Character and Compassion, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.
Communication is key. Messaging, announcements, reminders, discussion forums and comments, provide teachers with the ability to engage.
Counseling Portal
eKadence connects counselors with teachers to nurture students. Counselors can take notes and mark important milestones or events in a student’s life.
Wellness Scoring
As a first in the industry, eKadence provides the ability to score students based on environmental factors, home life, schoolwork, and social intelligence.
Jump right into Big Blue Button, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom and begin teaching without leaving eKadence. Our robust integration makes conferencing a breeze.
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Google Integration

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Embed and import anything from GDrive

  • Share calendars and push events to students

  • Collaboration with students embedded within eKadence

  • Duplicate documents with learners

Live Recording Everywhere

Instructors can comment on grades with live recording of video & audio without the need to record first and upload.

Fully Embedded Media

Videos, Audio, and Images



Learning Paths

  • Learners can easily see their course and path of
    lesson, modules, assignments, etc.

Communication with Instructors

  • Learners have several ways to communicate with
    their teachers including grades, assignments, or
    personal communication.


  • Learners can Save, import, and export assignments to ePortfolio.



Academic Intelligence

  • From a beautifully intelligent dashboard to a robust analytics and reporting suite, eKadence monitors all the performance measurements needed to understand a learners' progress.

Social Intelligence

  • eKadence provides full messaging, interactive polling, peer-peer communications, positive reinforcement, and discussion boards to increase social intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Focus on developing transferrable skills such as the 5Cs. eKadence provides customization to measure and develop skills.

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