Dev Update: New Personalization Settings and Modules UI Improvements

Thanks to your input and suggestions, we have made some highly requested additions to personalization and quality of life improvements for the Modules Page. Here are the most noticeable features which we hope will help streamline your eKadence experience.

Dark Mode

For some time now users have been able to change the color theme of the user interface. Now we have also added a Dark Mode with two variations! One is darker than the other, but both should be much easier on the eyes, especially for those struggling with eye strain due to prolonged screen exposure. All of these color options can be accessed by mousing over the paint icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard. Please try them out!

Modules Page: "Expand/Collapse All"

The Modules Page (for both teachers and students) now includes two new buttons: Expand All and Collapse All. These can be found at the top of the page, right underneath the overall progress tracker. As their names imply, this feature enable users to quickly hide or reveal all the contents of primary folders in their modules list, making it easier to stay organized.

Modules Page: Highlighted Rows

The other big adjustment to the Modules Page is the addition of highlighted rows. When browsing Modules, mousing over a particular folder or module will highlight it based on the color theme chosen by the user. This helps users navigate the Modules Page by being able to clearly see what they are about to click on.

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