Google Permissions with eKadence

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Dear eKadence users,

When using the Sign in with Google feature, we understand that it can be intimidating to deal with the Google permissions screen that appears. We would like to help address those concerns, and explain the different eKadence and Google permissions settings.

The permission screen may ask you to acknowledge and allow some of the following behaviors/features listed below. Please see each section below for a further explanation and details:

See your files

eKadence only accesses files that you choose to embed from your Google Drive. Checks are always put in place inside eKadence, to ensure that your files are secure and safe.

Upload and download your files

Just like seeing your files, eKadence can only "upload" and "download" files when Google items are embedded into the site. For example, if a student creates some work in their Google Drive, we do not see it until they have submitted it as an assignment in eKadence. eKadence also has many checks put into place, to ensure that every user's files are safe and accessible to the correct user.

Delete files

eKadence will never touch any user's file, unless it does not meet our policies. Once again, checks are put in place, so that every user's files are secure and will never be deleted, unless necessary.

See the names and emails of people you share files with

This permission is a default Google permission. eKadence will only be able to see your email and name, but will not have access to your email content and personal messages. When files are shared, eKadence only sees shared Google files when they are embedded into the site.

Share and stop sharing your files with others

Once again, eKadence has the ability to do this, but will never allow it to happen to you. Our staff is well trained, and eKadence has special guidelines in order to keep this from happening otherwise.

Remove people from your files

As a user, you will be the only one that can share or remove other users from your files through Google Drive. Unless requested, you will be the only one able to do so, as eKadence staff will never add or remove other users from your files.

Organize your Drive

This is another permission that eKadence has the ability to do, but will NEVER do so, unless specifically requested by the user.

*Please do not add private information to your eKadence Google Drive. Valuable information should only be added into your private Google Drive*

Google Calendar Permissions

The Google Calendar Permissions are very similar to the Google Drive Permissions. These permissions make it possible for eKadence to access, but eKadence does not touch the user's files. All of the listed permissions will only take place through the user's account, and eKadence will have nothing to do with any user's calendars. eKadence's policy guarantees the safety of each user's information, and will never be leaked to other users. Please do not use eKadence accounts to insert personal information/events onto the Google Calendar; for those matters, we urge users to utilize a separate/private Google Account (outside of eKadence).

Confirm your choices

Now that you have read through the permissions, the final step will be to check the two boxes at the bottom of the list, confirming that you have agreed to eKadence's terms and conditions. Finally, click Allow, and you will be granted access to use your eKadence account, which will also be linked with your Google Account.

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