Teacher View - Our Newest Modules Enhancement

We’ve made some major improvements after great feedback from you!

Welcome to a short informational video covering some of the more noticeable changes

to the module’s user interface previously.

The home page for a given class used to be considered a module and not its own folder now that it is classified as a folder, this allows the user to move individual modules into the home page folder as well as the ability to move the home page folder itself. As you might have noticed, there as well the drag and drop system of organizing modules and folders has also been significantly improved with much smoother and more intuitive movement.

On the far-right hand side of the modules page the activity's completed visual measurement has also been reworked. It is now represented by a progress bar where individual student submissions will be tracked, giving the teacher a much better idea of how a class is doing regarding specific modules within a folder.

And last but not least, the publishing system for individual modules and folders has also been improved with far easier to understand notifications as well as the ability to quickly publish any item that has not been published yet.


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